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A 44-year-old female presents with complaints of intermittent purulent nasal discharge and a decreased sense of smell over the past 6 months. She has received antibiotic therapy several times along with steroid nasal spray and nasal irrigations during this period. She has limited improvement with these therapies. Moreover, the patient complains of left frontal headache in the past 2 weeks. She denies forehead swelling, eye swelling, or fever.

sore genyantritis, shown red, isolated on white background;

photo credit: VGstockstudio/Shutterstock


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  1. Paula Tardim lopes

    Does she have a CT scan of paranasal sinus?

  2. Clarice Saba


    1. Ying-Piao Wang

      No fungal material identified in this patient.

  3. Nazir Bhat

    What are the endoscopic findings?
    Any bacteriology cultures ?
    CT findings

  4. Hussein Ali

    Does she received systemic steroid for long or short time?

    1. Ying-Piao Wang

      The patient received postoperative oral steroid (10mg, twice daily) for 2 weeks. No long-term systemic steroid was given.


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