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• A 36-year-old female presented with longstanding history of chronic rhinitis. Her most bothersome symptoms are significant postnasal drip, constant throat clearing, and mucoid drainage. She also endorses sneezing and nasal congestion.
• She denies itchy eyes, itchy nose, nasal obstruction, salty/metallic taste, and changes in sense of smell.
• She has perennial symptoms with exacerbations with cold air and strong odors.
• She has had two sinus infections in the past year, with symptoms resolving between each episode.


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  1. Pshdar Mohammed Waisi

    Nasal polyposis with allergy should considering and tapering oral steroid and intranasal steroid spray used as treatment.

  2. Pshdar Mohammed Waisi

    Start with medical treatment with oral antihistamine and intra nasal steroid and provide the patient for nasoscopy and CT scan of nose and para nasal sinuses.

  3. Mahmoud Ahmed shawky

    At 1st we can consider this case as rhinosinusitis for medical treatment and follow up and we can do total ig e to deal with the allergy and it suffer from conductive smell disorder . What is your opinion in this case


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