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A 42-year-old female presents with a history of chronic rhinorrhea. She reports a left-sided clear rhinorrhea for the past 3 years. The rhinorrhea persists throughout the year. There is no nasal obstruction or smell disorder. She denies any history of head trauma. She has received several courses of antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays with no success. She also complains of chronic headache and of pulsatile tinnitus. She brings a recently performed sinus computed tomography (CT) scan.


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  1. Samuel Ajulo

    It is a good refresher course

  2. Uche Ukwuije

    This seems like Left sided CSF rhinorrhoea. On what side is the pulsatile tinnitus?

    1. Benjamin Verillaud

      Pulsatile tinnitus was on the right side

  3. Dr. Sabu Samuel Thomas\/AMH

    Must be intracranial Mht

  4. Dr .S.selvaratnam

    Have you done pure tone audiogram?
    Have you tested clear fluid for CSF analysis?

    1. Benjamin Verillaud

      No, we didn’t do pure tone audiogram but we had rhinorrhea tested for beta-2 transferrin


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