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An 80-year-old male presents for evaluation of an 8-year history of intermittent bilateral anterior clear mucous drainage. His symptoms occur sporadically year-round and are predominantly associated with eating, exercising, and exposure to cold air. He denies symptoms of sneezing or itchy/watery eyes. He states the drainage is significant enough that he must carry a handkerchief with him at all times. He has used an over-the-counter oral antihistamine with little improvement in his symptoms.


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  1. Nagy Mohy Eldeen Rizk

    Suggestion:- Bêta blocker could hava a role in treatment.

  2. Nagy Mohy Eldeen Rizk

    Bêta blocker could hava a role in treatment.

  3. Nagy Mohy Eldeen Rizk

    The probable diagnostic is Sénile rhinorrhea

  4. Nagy Mohy Eldeen Rizk

    Sénile rhinorrhea


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