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A 63-year-old woman presents with mild left proptosis and concern for mild loss of peripheral vision in her left eye. The patient denies diplopia, pain with extraocular movement, change in visual acuity, and any history of chronic sinusitis or allergic rhinitis. Nasal endoscopy reveals a left septal spur and no evidence of inflammatory changes.

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  1. George

    Thank you all for the comments.

    Regarding the proptosis, the orbital mass was picked up incidentally on an MRI performed for asymmetric hearing loss. The patient did not notice the proptosis and therefore the time course of proptosis is not known.

    The neck examination was normal. The patient presented with the incidental MRI finding of an orbital mass, and therefore that was felt to be the etiology of her proptosis. Thyroid studies in the past had been normal. The CT scan was unremarkable aside from the orbital mass.

  2. Mohamed ElTabakh

    What about the neck examination is there any swelling , thyroid like or lymph node
    Also does the CT shows any sinus mucocele regarding the frontoethemoudal sinuses or masses or menengiocele
    Any blood investigation regarding the thyroid functions thyroxine hormones levels

  3. Ahmed Mayan

    For how long the proptosis

  4. George

    Thank you for your comment. For HIPAA reasons, I can not send the CT scan. There are de-identified cuts posted within the case. Is there a specific question you have about the CT scan?

  5. Sharfi Ahmed

    I need to see the CT scan of the patient.


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