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photo credit: Laurence Mouton/Getty Images

A 10-year-old otherwise healthy male presents with left facial bulging, left nasal airway obstruction, and recurrent left epistaxis. He has no other medical or surgical history, and no relevant family history. One month prior, imaging and a nondiagnostic biopsy of a left nasal cavity lesion was performed at an outside hospital.


On physical exam, he is a prepubescent well-appearing male with left midfacial bulging. His cranial nerves are completely intact, and anterior rhinoscopy demonstrates a fleshy mass completely obstructing the left naris. His exam is otherwise normal.


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  1. glaucia regina prata caobianco

    NasoPharyngeal Fibroma


    First diagnosis: NasoPharyngeal Fibroma
    Second diagnosis: if palpable node; NasoPharyngeal cancer.
    Third diagnosis: if fever + left exophtalmia; Ethmoiditis

  3. Qasem Buhaibeh

    Angiofibroma is the provisional diagnosis for this case

  4. Sabu Samuel Thomas homas

    As per history and clinical findings I must put a diagnosis of Angiofibroma, seen young males, other d/d :large antrochoanal polyp, N. Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Fungal mass rare,


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