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A 3-month-old, otherwise healthy girl was referred from an outside hospital for further evaluation of bilateral epiphora and dacryocystitis. She had undergone 2 prior probing attempts, in the office and in the operating room, without relief.


She was born full term without any complications. She had no other medical problems and no significant family history. On examination, the child had an increased tear lake, patent inferior puncta, and mucopurulent discharge with pressure over the nasolacrimal sac in both eyes. The remainder of the eye exam was normal.


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  1. Jeevan Ramakrishnan

    Great case all around. Any technical pearls you can share regarding doing ESS on a child that young?

  2. Ghodrat Mohammadi

    thank you for presenting nice case. may I know about nasal cavity ? for example anatomic and congenital problem,


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