As an educational service to the medical community, a Dermatology learning program is presented to you via Abbvie.

This eLearning program is an endeavor in providing scientific information on burgeoning healthcare issues and problems faced by your patients.

Chronic inflammatory skin conditions with follicular involvement can be difficult to diagnose in adults, and may have multiple differential diagnoses. Quality of life can be negatively impacted by such conditions. This case study describes a 25-year-old female smoker with recurrent flare of multiple deep-seated, painful abscesses and multiple pseudocomedones in the axillae and groin. Through this case study, the user will learn to diagnose, classify and appropriately treat this important dermatological condition.

The eLearning course is adapted from “Rook’s Textbook of Dermatology”. Part 8 – Skin Disorders Associated with Specific Cutaneous Structure. Chapter 92 – Hidradenitis Suppurativa. The chapter is available in the learning module for your reference. 

NOTE: In chapter 92, Please Do Not refer to Figure 92.15 for the guidelines, Kindly refer to the guidelines in eLearning under section “European Treatment Guidelines”

We hope the learnings are interesting and will add value to your practice.

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